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Summer Term 2020

NOTE: In line with the current university rules you have to register in KLIPS in order to gain access to the course material in Ilias. Please contact the KLIPS support team in case of further questions (klips-wiso(at)uni-koeln.de).

Internationale Ökonomik (14302.0500 / 14302.0501)

Instructors: Prof. Dr. S. Prantl, Dr. F. Thenée
Method: Lectures and classes (2+1h/week)
Level: Bachelor
Study Program: Prüfungsordnung 2015: VWL, VWL soz., Regionalstudien (China, Lateinamerika, Ost- & Mitteleuropa)
Schedule: see syllabus (first meeting April 14, 2020)
Location: see syllabus
Contact: Dr. F. Thenée, thenee(at)wiso.uni-koeln.de

Economics of Innovation (14302.0502)

Instructor: Prof. Dr. S. Prantl
Method: Lectures and integrated classes (4h/week)
Language: English
Schedule: tbd
Location: tbd
Contact:Prof. Dr. S. Prantl, prantl(at)wiso.uni-koeln.de

Bachelorarbeit VWL Prof. Dr. Susanne Prantl (14302.4005)

Instructor: Prof. Dr. S. Prantl
Method: Project (4h/week)
Level: Bachelor
Further information: see here
Contact: Prof. Dr. S. Prantl, prantl(at)wiso.uni-koeln.de

Research in Economics of Innovation and Applied Microeconometrics

Instructor: Univ.-Professor Dr. S. Prantl
Method: Kolloquium (2h/week)
Level: PhD/Master
Contact: Univ.-Prof. Dr. S. Prantl, prantl(at)wiso.uni-koeln.de